How can I book an activity online on CheckYeti?

To book an activity online on CheckYeti, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose your activity on our website and then search for a place 📍
  2. Choose an offer and click on "Check Availability"
  3. Select the date, the total number of participants and the start time, and click on "Book now" 
  4. Enter your data and payment details and click on "Complete booking"

  •  If your offer is on "direct booking", which is indicated on the checkout page, you will receive your booking confirmation via email immediately after you made the payment. 
  • If your offer is on "booking request", you will receive your booking request confirmation via email. The provider then has 24 hours to accept your booking, and your credit card will only be charged if the booking is confirmed. If the provider declines your request, the pre-authorization on your credit card will be released immediately.  

* If you use the payment method "online bank transfer", you will automatically be debited after we process your booking request - but don't worry! You will also automatically be refunded if your booking gets declined. 

If you have any other questions about booking an activity, let us know: 

Click here to send us a contact form or reach us via phone on the following numbers: 

Austria : +43 1 38 65 020

Germany: +49 322 1107 4680

Switzerland: +41 44 580 23 73

France: +33 4 80 82 00 00

UK: +44 20 38 85 00 25

Italy: +39 04 71 15 21 700

Netherlands: +31 20 22 51 000

Spain: +34 91 09 20 971