When and how are the service fees refunded?

If your booking is cancelled or declined by our activities or services provider, the service fee will be refunded. If you cancel yourself, the service fee can generally not be refunded. 

Note: If the booked activity or service is cancelled or partially refunded by your provider, a full or partial refund of the CheckYeti Service Fee will be issued automatically. You do not need to contact us for this. A credit note will also be sent to you.

If a service fees refund is issued, the reimbursement will take place through the same payment method you originally used for the making the booking n the first place and could take up to 10 business day in showing the money bank in your account.  

Our customer support is very responsive. If you can explain to us the problematic situation you are in, we should be able to suggest you the best way forward with your booking. Feel free to contact us here, we’re happy to help!