How can I get a refund for my booking?

If you have cancelled your booking, or it was declined by the provider of the activity, the refund will be automatically processed by our system, attending to the cancellation policy of your booking, as stated in the email you received.

If you would like to get a refund for a booking that already took place, or that it's been modified (number of participants, duration, change of activity, among others) this must be approved by the provider of the activity to be processed. 

For this matter, our Customer Happiness Team will have to obtain approval of the refund from your provider. To make this process faster, you can already obtain the refund approval yourself, by talking or messaging with your activity provider (simply follow this article about how to contact your provider).

Once the provider approves the refund, CheckYeti will process it, and the amount agreed will be transferred to your original payment method in our system. Then it will depend on your bank how fast they process the reimbursement. For some banks, this process takes longer than for others, but you should receive the money within 10 business days.

To submit a refund request, please fill in the following contact form and our team will take care of it!

*If your booking is still waiting for the activity to take place, you still can cancel your booking yourself and be refunded as per your cancellation policy. Check here how to do it: How do I cancel my booking on CheckYeti?