Can I change (reduce or add) the number of participants in my booking?

➖ Reducing participants: Generally, removing one or more participants is possible, but remember that the cancellation policy of the offer you booked will apply, so make sure you check that first. If you want to know what the cancellation policy of your booking is, have a look at this article

➕ Adding participants: Generally, adding participants is possible, as long as there are still free slots for the activity you have booked. 

  • If you have booked a group activity: Go to our website and simply book the same activity on the same date and time and under the same name (if possible). This way, the provider will know that you belong together.
  • If you have booked a private activity: In this case, please contact the provider of your activity for the request, and our team will be informed about the changes to make in your booking. Here you can check how to contact your provider.