What happens in case of bad weather?

Since many of our activities are weather-dependent, sometimes our providers are forced to cancel confirmed bookings, in particular in case of dangerous weather conditions or force majeure. It is the decision of the provider themselves if they consider the conditions are too dangerous.

If you are unsure about whether the activity will take place, please contact the provider directly (via messaging platform here or the phone number on your booking confirmation). 

*NOTE: If it is your first time accessing to your CheckYeti, here you will find how to do it!


If the activity cannot take place, the provider will inform you. You will generally have two options: 

  • reschedule the activity to another date (if possible).
  • or, if rescheduling is not an option, you can also cancel the activity. In this case, you will, in the vast majority of cases, receive a full refund

If your booking has to be cancelled, the activity provider will take care of the cancellation, and you will receive an email.